Flushing indoor areas

Posted: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Indoor blocks are flushed as part of the preparation process

During the later summer months there is a significant amount of work to get the indoor blocks ready for planting.

Once the indoor crops have been harvested in February and March, the ground is covered with thick black plastic that acts as a weed control, and that is how they stay over the summer.

This plastic is removed in September, and the next job is to test the condition of the ground and to flush the soil to wash out salt levels that will have built up.

A network of irrigation pipes and sprinklers are laid out in the greenhouses and water is pumped in from nearby reservoirs or boreholes to flush the ground.

In other areas sprinkler systems are employed, and following a heavy watering the ground is then tested again afterwards in our own soil laboratory to ensure that the electro-conductivity of the soil is at an optimum for planting, to ensure that the potato crop for the following season will grow well.