Hot mustard incorporation

Posted: Thursday, August 24, 2017

A brassica mix including 'caliente' mustard is grown as a second crop, and harvested when in full flower.

Mustard, grown as a second crop after potatoes is quick to establish and is an important green manure.

The Jersey Royal Company plants a brassica mix including 'caliente' mustard that is sown across about 10-20% of the land base on a rotational basis.

The crop stays in the ground for about 10 weeks and is flailed when in full flower.

It is then incorporated back into the ground in a process known locally as 'breezing' - very shallow ploughing. Jersey has such good, and in most cases stone-free ground that deep ploughing is not necessary.

As the mustard is mown, it releases glucosinolates into the soil, and these are then held in when the ground is turned over.

The effect of glucosinolates helps to control and reduce populations of potato cyst nematode, one of the biggest challenges to mono-cropping Jersey Royal new potatoes.