Ploughing côtils

Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The early steep south-east facing slopes known locally as côtils are all being ploughed ahead of planting in the New Year.

The côtils are the earliest fields that are grown on and lifted. Over the summer months they have a cover crop mix that is then flailed in the Autumn ahead of ploughing.

The cover crop is a mix of legumes and barley that is quick to establish, helps prevent soil erosion and fixes nitrogen. It is then ploughed back into the soil as a green manure.

The ploughman rides the one furrow plough up the slope, pulled on a winch on the back of a tractor.

Having reached the top he then runs back down the slope with the plough and does it all again.

A very physically demanding job, it is better to do this in dry conditions.