The start of indoor planting

Posted: Wednesday, November 01, 2017

The first multi-span tunnel was planted this morning

The first of the month, and the first multi-span tunnel has been planted.

Using medium 'size 3' seed, the first block of 1.25 vergèes was planted this morning by a team on the West of the Island.

There is a carefully planned sequential planting programme to coincide with the expected market demand from late February.

The seed tubers are carefully placed in shallow furrows with the shoots facing slightly upwards to encourage early germination.

A crawler follows behind to cover the rows, and gently pushes ground over the seed potatoes.

The next area will be planted next week, and every week thereafter, with the majority in the ground before Christmas.
Indoor planting continues through until the first days of January, by which time the earliest outdoor planting will have also started on the steep south-east facing slopes known locally as côtils.