Update on indoor crop

Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The first of the indoor production will be dug at the end of February and sent to Covent garden.

Planting started indoors in early November, and has continued each week with a specified area planted in line with a sequential programme, to ensure that there will be a continuous supply to the wholesale markets from the end of February.

Grown indoors as a 'protected crop' the plants are delicate and need to be carefully managed.

Some areas have only recently shown emergence, and the leaves are very small as you can see in the micro picture below.

The potatoes have a measured amount of water each week to coincide with their development.

If the weather turns and frost is forecast then the fleece covers that are currnetly hanging in the greenhouses will get laid over the top of the growing plants.

The indoor crop will last for about 6 weeks, by which time the earliest of the outdoor planted potatoes will be ready to dig.