Early côtil activity

Posted: Monday, January 22, 2018

Since the turn of the year the weather hasn't been great, but in between showers the teams have been making steady progress with planting and covering early land.

As soon as the staff returned from their festive break they were straight into action on the early côtils.

In between disrupted weather with rain, strong winds and at times hail there have been pockets of sunshine.

The slope traditionally drain very well and so the crop that has been planted has gone into excellent ground conditions.

The shoots are placed in the ground facing upwards to ensure a quick and early emergence.

As soon as the seed is in the row it is covered with ground and the next row is planted.


Covering is the next big job, and there is a real skill to get the plastic as tight as possible. This is crucial as it minimises the chance of the plastic tearing and coming free.

A trench is dug and the edges of the sheets of plastic are buried in the ground.