Patchy potatoes

Posted: Saturday, April 07, 2018

The earliest slopes were hit hard by frost and have been left very patchy

The earliest côtils that were planted from the start of January were all growing well until they were hammered by a week of sub-zero temperatures at the end of February, and the damage was very severe.

Earlier this week, teams uncovered the first few of these to make a full assessment of what will be available to dig.

The crops are patchy, and the yields will be dramatically reduced.

The persistent rain that has been evident since some time before Christmas, apart from the week of frost continues. This is evident above by the large puddle at the top of another early slope that is yet to be uncovered.

There will be some potatoes to dig, and it is a question as to when to start, and how much more recovery can be expected.

Looking forward, there are some better patches too, and the situation will improve again as we move into May.