Seed harvest 2018

Posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018

Whist digging seed takes place at the end of one export season, it does also mark the start of the whole process for next year's crop.

Lifting seed has traditionally always been done in July, but this year due to a disrupted and delayed planting programme it is being split. There was a small area of seed planted earlier that is being lifted now, and the rest will be left until mid August.

Seed crops are left in the ground longer in order that they can bulk up, to give more yield both in terms of size and number of potatoes per plant.

The conditions are currently very dry, and whilst this makes for dusty conditions it is actually better for the seed to be lifted and stored dry.

This year for the first time, the company is digging all seed into bulk bins as opposed to bagging it on the back of the harvester.

Tipping the seed is quicker, and has led to the development of a new system with new specially designed tipping equipment.

The potatoes are then unloaded into boxes using a short conveyor belt.

And finally all tipped seed is stacked in sheds until October when it will be graded and 'stood'.