Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mini tubers are the future of the company

Each year The Jersey Royal Company brings in circa 60,000 seedlings that have been prepared by SASA (Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture).

The Jersey Royal Company uses 3 clones of Jersey Royal seed to produce the seedlings.

These are potted up in Jersey and grown on in one of our greenhouses to produce a crop of mini tubers.

Each pot has its own irrigation pipe, and watering is controlled by batch to optimise the growth of the plants.

Great care and attention is taken in the management of the seedlings as the mini tubers produced are the future of the company.

The mini tubers are harvested in July and then kept in a cold store over the winter ahead of planting out the following spring. The crop is bulked up for two years before being used to produce potatoes for export.

No seed in the system is ever more than 5 years old, and the virus-free seed guarantees a vigorous and healthy crop.