First dig of the 2019 season

Posted: Monday, February 18, 2019

It is always a really exciting time when the first crop of the season is dug, and the quality is both looking and eating really well.

This block was planted at the start of November and has been growing steadily over the winter months.

To 'open up' each block the teams dig around the outsides and the posts by hand, to make room for a mini tractor to dig the rest.

The sample is very clean, and is producing a mix of both mids (smaller potatoes) and ware (larger ones).

The whole-crop is graded on a smaller, mobile grader into two broad size bands to go to market in branded company boxes.

The smaller potatoes fall through the grading chain and go along one belt, whereas larger potatoes pass onto another belt.

Each 6kg box is check-weighed by hand.

They are labelled, palletised and shipped off the Island to a warehouse in Portsmouth, and from there on to the individual markets.