Good weather and good progress

Posted: Thursday, January 24, 2019

The weather this year has been very kind to farmers in Jersey by remaining dry, and not too cold. As such, teams are well up to date with planting progress against programme.

Planting is progressing very well, and with dry conditions teams have been able to get onto some of the larger, flatter fields and using GPS technology on tractors to mark out the rows and place the fertiliser, making the best use of the field area and ensuring that the fertiliser is only put in the growing zone where it is needed. This has helped us reduce our inputs over the last couple of years since we introduced this system.

Planting is still being done by hand, using seed with advanced shoots that will promote earlier emergence.

Meanwhile indoors the crops continue to grow well, albeit they are slightly stretched out due to poorer light levels.

Under the ground there are already good tuber numbers.

The first of these crops will be dug around the third week of February, and will be sent to chosen panellists in London and Southampton wholesale markets to start with before spreading across the rest of the country.