Indoor crops growing well

Posted: Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The first crops were planted at the start of November and will be ready to harvest in the second half of February. Each week a small area was planted to ensure that there will be continuity of supply at the beginning of the season ahead of digging outdoors.

The indoor crop has been growing well throughout December, and some of the earliest plants have even started to show tuber initiation.

These crops are slightly slower growing than potatoes planted during the main part of the season as they are planted before the shortest day.

All crops are looking really healthy with a good leaf structure and full canopy.

There is a sequential planting programme with a small area planted each week to ensure continuity of supply for the early weeks of the season.

The first crops should be ready for lifting in the second half of February and will be used to supply wholesale panelists across the country.

Above is an example of one of the later planted greenhouses where the crop is only just starting to get established.