The Jersey Royal
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Jersey Royals

A range of packaging types are available for retail, wholesale and processing customers from bulk bags through to small retail packs.

The range includes:

  • Retail packs
  • 6kg cardboard kegs
  • Returnable trays
  • Paper sacks
  • 1 tonne bulk bags

Significant investment in packing facilities has enabled more potatoes to be washed and packed at source, improving both the quality and shelf life for all of our customers.

Organic Jersey Royals

The Jersey Royal Company is the largest grower / supplier of organic Jersey Royal new potatoes on the Island, growing around 20-25 acres (50 vergées) of Organic Jersey Royals.

These are grown in accordance with the Soil Association standards and the farm receives an annual independent organic audit as required. Under the strict organic guidelines set by the Soil Association, only two crops of Jersey Royals can be grown in a four year period.

It has taken many years to build up the natural fertility and bio-dynamics in many of the organic soils, and careful management is critical to maintain reasonable, economic yields. In addition, we work with a number of the Island’s organic dairy farmers and swap land on an annual basis to aid with crop rotation and maintain fertility.

We remain committed to producing organic Jersey Royals to satisfy customer demand.